Loan Payment Request
Step 1 of 4: Instructions & Usage Agreement

How to request a payment

  1. Read instructions & accept usage agreement
  2. Enter account information
  3. Authorize payment request
  4. Payment request confirmation


For assistance contact the Member Service Center.

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To make a single payment to your Alaska USA loan from any checking or savings account:

  1. Have your monthly Alaska USA statement available.
  2. Obtain the routing and account number of the checking or savings account from which you will be paying. Where do I find this?
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    This information is easily obtained from a check, as shown below. Do not use a pre-printed deposit ticket, as the number may differ from your financial institution’s routing number. Sample Check

    To obtain account information without a check:

    For an Alaska USA savings or checking account:
    Use the Electronic Payment Account Number Calculator to generate your correctly formatted routing and account numbers.

    For another financial institution account:
    Contact your financial institution for your routing and account information.

  3. Read and accept the usage agreement below.
  4. Enter the code shown in the security image and click 'Continue'.

Processing Times & Due Date

Payment requests received by 3 PM Alaska time (4 PM Pacific time) will be processed the same business day. Requests submitted after this time, on a weekend, or on a holiday will be processed the following business day.

Your next payment due date is listed in your monthly account statement.

Usage Agreement

Please read the following information carefully and accept this agreement to submit your payment request.

I hereby authorize Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (Alaska USA) to conduct a single Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawal (debit) on the deposit account I have specified and apply those funds as a payment to the Alaska USA loan I have designated. I confirm that I am an owner or authorized signer on the specified deposit account. If the account is owned by a business or other entity, I agree to be bound by the Operating Rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).

I understand that funds will be applied to the loan I have specified in accordance with my Promissory Note & Security Agreement or Retail Installment Sales Contract. I further understand that the loan payment will be applied on the effective date listed in the transaction.

I agree to have sufficient funds in my deposit account on the date the account is debited. If there are not sufficient funds in my deposit account on the day that the attempt is made to withdraw funds to pay my loan, I understand that Alaska USA will not re-attempt to debit my account and that I must arrange for an alternative method of payment. I understand that my depository financial institution may charge a fee if the attempt to debit my deposit account is unsuccessful.

I understand that once this payment has been submitted it cannot be canceled. I further understand that this agreement does not amend Alaska USA’s Master Account Agreement, Promissory Note & Security Agreement, or Retail Installment Sales Contract.

Alaska USA will transmit debit entries to the ACH processor as provided in the Operating Rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association in existence as of the date of this transaction and as amended from time to time.

Alaska USA makes no claims or warranties with respect to the operation of the associated system(s) and shall not be liable for any system(s) failures or malfunction of the system(s), except as provided by law.


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