Money Market Accounts

An Alaska USA Money Market account offers members an easily accessible, secure account paying dividend rates that are adjusted with changes in market conditions. A Money Market account is an excellent way to:

  • Earn dividends while retaining easy access to your funds.
  • Earn a competitive rate of return.

Three types of Money Market accounts are available, offering different rates of return. The Super Money Market and the Jumbo Money Market accounts are divided into dividend rate tiers based on the account balance. The minimum deposit amount for each type is outlined below, while the current rate of return is available on the rates page.

  • Money Market account
    $2,500 minimum balance to earn dividends.
  • Super Money Market account
    $10,000 minimum balance to earn dividends.
  • Jumbo Money Market account
    $50,000 minimum balance to earn dividends.


There are no qualification or eligibility criteria for members. Daily minimum balance required to obtain the stated Annual Percentage Yield (APY). There are no fees associated with a money market account as long as the balance remains above $50.

You may change your money market account type one time per dividend period by visiting a branch office, through online account access, or by calling the Member Service Center. Please note that the type of account does not automatically change based upon the account balance.

For complete account information, refer to the Share Account Disclosure Statement.