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Opening an IRA

Can an IRA be established on a business or trust account?

No, an IRA cannot be established on a business or trust account. An account that is in the name of a business or trust is owned by the named business or trust. An IRA must be owned by an individual and can be established only on an individual member account.

How do I change or add to my current beneficiaries?

You may add to or change the current beneficiaries on your IRA at any time by visiting a branch or calling the Member Service Center.

How do I open an IRA?

To open a Traditional or Roth IRA, visit any branch, or call the Member Service Center at 563-4567 in Anchorage or (800) 525-9094 outside Anchorage.

What information will I need to provide to add a beneficiary to my IRA?

You will need to provide the name, social security number, birth date, address and relationship for each of the beneficiaries you name. You will also need to designate whether the individual is the primary or contingent beneficiary and the percentage of the funds to be received. If you are married and you haven't named your spouse as your primary beneficiary, the signature of your spouse is also required.

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