Certificate Accounts

An Alaska USA Certificate Account is an excellent insured investment opportunity if you do not need immediate access to your funds and want to invest for longer periods to obtain higher rates of return.

  • Choose to increase your earnings by reinvesting dividends in the certificate and compounding monthly or to supplement your income by withdrawing dividends paid at calendar month end and at maturity (for certificates that mature in one year or more).
  • Earn dividend rates that are based on market conditions and remain in effect throughout the term of the certificate.
  • Balance your investment portfolio with a guaranteed return.
  • Relax with automatic renewal and notification prior to maturity.

Rates of return on certificate accounts vary with the amount of deposit and the term of the certificate.  All current rates are shown on the rates page.


There are no qualification or eligibility criteria for members. Minimum deposit required is $500. Maturity periods vary from 14 days to 60 months. Certificates are subject to early withdrawal penalties.

For complete account information, refer to the Share Account Disclosure Statement. You will also receive one at the time an account is opened.