Remote Deposit

Alaska USA Remote Deposit is the fast, easy, and secure way to deposit checks to your account, using the Alaska USA app for Android and iPhone®. Make deposits nearly anytime and anywhere.

Limits and restrictions

Daily deposit limits

Alaska USA Remote Deposit can be used to perform deposits up to the following limits.

  • Deposit up to ten (10) checks per business day
  • Deposit up to a collective maximum of $5,000 per business day

A deposit that exceeds either of these limits will be declined.

Availability of deposited funds

Approved deposits are generally made available within one to five business days, depending on the amount and type of the check.
Log in to your account to verify when deposited funds are available.

Electronic check replacement

When you deposit a check using Remote Deposit, the picture becomes the official check. DO NOT destroy your original check until after you have received instructions to do so.

These and other terms are contained in the Service Agreement that is presented to you when you sign up for Remote Deposit.

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