Online Account Access Personalized Login

Online account access features an advanced login system that is easy to set up, easy to use, and totally personalized.

sample keypadThis personalized login features an on-screen keypad with a background picture that you choose so you will always know you are accessing the real Alaska USA online account access.

Personalizing your keypad is easy

Here's all you need to do:

  • Log in to online account access from the Alaska USA home page. On the next page, enter your Personal Access Code (PAC) on the keypad and click "Enter".
  • Click on "Account Profile" and verify your current PAC.
  • Select a background picture for your keypad.
  • Input your new PAC using the onscreen keyboard. You will be asked to enter it twice for confirmation.

Next time you visit online account access, you will see your personalized keypad. Each time you log in, the keys on your keypad will be in a different order for added security, but the background picture will remain the same.

Go ahead, personalize your keypad today and relax knowing you have the best security online account access has to offer.

Remember, Alaska USA will never call or email you to ask for your login information.

Personalized Login FAQs

Q: How does this enhanced online account access security work?

A: Using a personalized keypad provides multiple levels of security:

  1. Your personalized keypad indicates you have reached Alaska USA

    • Only you know which picture you have chosen for your keypad.
    • A fraudulent or incorrect keypad is unlikely to contain your selected picture and the necessary keys to enter your PAC.

    If no keypad or the wrong keypad is displayed, do not enter your PAC!

  2. You can protect your PAC from keystroke capture

    When you enter your PAC by clicking the on-screen keypad, malicious software that may be installed on your computer cannot "capture" your password. If you choose to use your keyboard to type your PAC, protection from keystroke capture is not available.

Q: What if I try to log in and don't see my personalized keypad?

A: Check and make sure you have entered your User ID correctly. Also make sure you always log in to online account access from the Alaska USA home page at If you continue to have problems, contact the Member Service Center.

Q: Why does Alaska USA use this keypad login?

A: Alaska USA continually evaluates online account access to provide the highest level of member security. Technology-savvy criminals are always working on ways to obtain your personal information. These includes "spoofing" the online account access login page to make it look like it's the real online account access or infecting computers with code that can "capture" keystrokes and pick up passwords. The advanced keypad login is designed to address these kinds of attacks, and follows federal recommendations regarding enhanced website security features for financial institutions.

Q: Has login access for online account access by phone changed?

A: No. Login has not changed for online account access by phone. Online account access by phone is accessed by using a numeric PAC which is appropriate for a telephone keypad. If you use both services, you may want to choose a numeric PAC or use separate PACs for online and phone.

Q: Will Alaska USA ask me to verify any other information in order to use online account access?

A: No. Alaska USA will never call or email you asking for personal information such as your social security number or passwords.

Q: Can I change my password or my picture in the future?

A: Yes. You can change these at any time by clicking on the Account Profile tab. If you use Online account access Business Edition, go to User Profile under the "Home" tab.

Q: Are some passwords better than others?

A: Yes. You should choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. Here are some password tips:

  • Don't use a single word that can be found in a dictionary, unless you modify it in some way.
  • Mix letters and numbers. You can even add in a few special characters for added security.
  • Don't use names or nicknames of family members or friends.
  • Don't simply repeat the same number or letter.
  • Don't use a number that would be easy to guess such as an important date or birthday, phone number, social security number, or street address.
Q: Can I change my User ID?

A: Yes. In fact, for added security it is recommend that you change your User ID to something other than your account number. To change your User ID, click on the Account Profile tab. (If you use Online account access Business Edition, go to User Profile under the Home tab).

Q: What else can I do to protect my account information?

A: While the new advanced online account access login helps prevent some forms of criminal activity, every member is responsible for helping to protect their accounts. Here are some tips:

  • Never share account information, passwords, or other personal information.
  • Do not write passwords down, carry them in your wallet, or leave them in obvious places in your home.
  • Never respond to emails or phone calls that ask for personal information.
  • Always log on to online account access from the Alaska USA home page.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your computer.
  • Keep your computer and browser up to date with the latest security patches from the manufacturer.