Improved login

Logging into your account just got easier!

On Thursday, October 18, 2018, Alaska USA will be removing the on-screen keypad used to enter your password. At the same time, we’ve taken key steps to offer enhanced security that will allow you to strengthen your password and better protect your personal data.

Improved loginWhat’s changing?

Your personalized security image and password will not change; only how you enter your password. Rather than using your mouse to click the keys within the on-screen keyboard, you will simply type your password using your computer or phone’s keyboard in the same way you currently enter your username.

Enhanced Security

The new login screen allows Alaska USA to offer improved options to strengthen your password through the recognition of upper and lower case letters, the use of special characters, and the ability to choose a longer password.

Will my username and password change?

No. Your current username and password will remain the same. Your personalized security image will also remain the same.

To take advantage of the added security options, log in after October 18, 2018 and change your password from the Account Profile tab.


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