UltraBranch Troubleshooting Guide

Trouble Using UltraBranch - Session Ended

The session time-out message (shown below) indicates that an excessive time has passed without communication between your browser and UltraBranch. UltraBranch automatically closes inactive sessions as a security measure.

UltraBranch session timed out

Actions that do not cause communication with UltraBranch, such as scrolling or printing the visible page, do not count as activity and will not reset the inactivity timer.

Suggested Action :

  • Click the 'OK' button to reconnect to the UltraBranch login page. You may configure the length of this security timeout by logging in to UltraBranch then selecting 'Account Profile' and 'Timeout'. Alaska USA recommends setting this value to the lowest amount necessary to conduct your account activities.
  • As a matter of security and privacy, Alaska USA does not recommend leaving your computer unattended with an active UltraBranch session. When you are finished using UltraBranch, always click the 'log out' button in the upper right corner of the UltraBranch screen.