Online Account Access Troubleshooting Guide

Configuring Browser Security Settings

Online account access uses TLS encryption to encode the communication between your browser and Online account access to ensure your privacy and security. Alaska USA requires TLS version 1.0 or above, which is replacement for previous SSL versions.

Most browsers come with these security features enabled. If you are unable to connect to online account access, follow the steps listed below to ensure that your Browser is properly configured to use these security features.

Firefox 23+

Current Firefox no longer have a user interface setting to disable TLS, and TLS 1.0 is enabled by default.

Firefox 3+

Firefox is one of several related browsers that is based on code created by the Mozilla Foundation. Other browsers in this family include Mozilla and Netscape versions 6+. These browsers share a similar foundation, called Gecko, and commonly have a similar interface.

Choose Tools / Options from the menubar. Mac OS X users choose Firefox / Preferences from the menu bar.

Click on Advanced in the top of the window, then click the Security tab.

Make sure Use TLS 1.0 is checked.

Firefox security settings

Click OK to close the Options/Preferences window.

Screenshot and instructions based on FireFox for Windows. Other versions of Firefox and related browsers may differ from these instructions.