Online Account Access Troubleshooting Guide

Steps to Enable Pop-Ups

Some activities in online account access use pop-up windows to allow members to access information without ending their online account access session. Your browser must permit pop-ups from online account access for these functions to work as intended. Follow the steps listed below to make sure your browser will permit pop-ups from online account access.

Firefox 3+

Firefox is one of several related browsers that is based on code created by the Mozilla Foundation. Other browsers in this family include Mozilla and Netscape versions 6+. These browsers share a similar foundation, called Gecko, and commonly have a similar interface.

Choose Tools / Options from the menubar. Mac OS X users choose Firefox / Preferences from the menu bar.

Click on Content in the top of the window.

Option 1: Globally Accept Pop-Ups
Uncheck Block Popup Windows. Click OK to save your changes.

Firefox popup

Option 2: Enable online account access pop-ups
Make sure Block Popup Windows is checked, then click Exceptions.

Firefox popup

In the Allowed Sites-Popups window, enter "" in the Address of web site field. Click Allow to add this entry to the list.

Firefox override popup

Click Close to close the Allowed Sites-Popups screen. Click OK to close the Options / Preferences window and return to your browser.

Screenshot and instructions based on FireFox for Windows. Other versions of Firefox and related browsers may differ from these instructions.