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UltraBranch Troubleshooting Guide

Steps to Enable Cookies

In order to access UltraBranch, your browser must accept session cookies from the server. Follow the steps listed below to make sure your browser will accept cookies from UltraBranch.

Internet Explorer 9-10 for Windows

Choose Tools Icon / Internet Options from the menu bar.

IE 9-10 cookies

Option 1:
Make sure the Privacy setting slider is set to Medium High or lower. Click OK to save your changes.

IE 9-10 cookies

Option 2:
Make sure the Privacy setting slider is set to any value except Block All Cookies. Then click the Sites button in the section of the window.

IE 9-10 cookies

In the Per Site Privacy Settings window, enter "" in the Address of Web Site field. Click the Allow button, to add this entry to the Managed Web Sites list.

IE 9-10 cookies

Click OK to close the Per Site Privacy Action screen and return to the Privacy settings. Click Apply to use these changes immediately, then click OK again to return to your browser.