Privacy Summary

Alaska USA recognizes that members have certain expectations about how the credit union uses member information. The credit union diligently protects all information about its members and the business that they conduct with Alaska USA.

For more information about how Alaska USA handles your personal information, refer to Alaska USA's privacy notice.

Privacy details regarding Alaska USA's web site

Browsing the site

Alaska USA web servers record information about each page request. These server log files contain no personally identifiable information other than the IP address of the machine used to access the site. Alaska USA retains and aggregates this information and analyzes it to better understand the nature of the use of the site and to improve its usability.


A cookie is a piece of data that a website can send to your browser. No personal information will be stored in a cookie provided by Alaska USA's website.

Linked sites

As a convenience, Alaska USA provides links to a number of websites hosted by other organizations. These organizations do not have a contractual relationship with Alaska USA and the credit union is not responsible for the accuracy of the content presented at these sites. Similarly, Alaska USA does not control security on the site or information collected at the site and does not represent either party in any transactions entered into at the site. You are encouraged to review posted privacy and/or user agreements for all third-party sites.

Contract service providers

Alaska USA uses a number of contract service organizations to provide members online access to financial information or services. These sites may display Alaska USA's logo, but are not part of Alaska USA's domain (web site). Security and privacy are controlled by the site's host and not by Alaska USA. While generally similar, security practices and privacy policies may be different at these sites. Refer to the posted privacy statement and/or user agreements at each site for additional information about how that particular organization manages information. Alaska USA requires all service providers to agree to adhere to the principles in its privacy policy.