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Planning for your PFD

How do I file online for an Alaska PFD?

The state of Alaska allows you to file online for your PFD. Visit the Permanent Fund Dividend Division website and file online from January 1 through March 31.

How do I have my PFD directly deposited into my Alaska USA account?

It's easy to have your PFD deposited directly into your Alaska USA account:

  1. Choose "Yes" in Section 7 of your PFD application.
  2. Select whether you'd like your funds deposited into "Same account as last year" or a new account.
  3. If you choose "new account," be sure to include Alaska USA's Bank Code "CD" and your Alaska USA account number. (Note: It is not necessary to include a share ID at the end of your account number.)

How can I learn more about the PFD program?

Visit the Permanent Fund Dividend Division website.

Tracking your PFD

How much is the PFD and when will it be deposited?

Watch the Permanent Fund Dividend Division website for this year's PFD amount. The amount will be announced in September.

How can I find out if my PFD has been deposited?

If you have set up your PFD for direct deposit, you can watch for your PFD deposit by using the Pending ACH tool to see the deposit up to one day before the money shows in your account. After the PFD has been deposited, you can see it by going into your Account History.

What is the best way to deposit my PFD check?

To deposit your PFD check in-person, visit any branch. To receive confirmation of your deposit, present your check to a teller. If you want to get in and out quickly, you can deposit your PFD check by using a deposit drop box or a depository ATM. The drop boxes are checked several times a day. You can also deposit your PFD quickly and easily from practically anywhere with the Remote Deposit app.

How do I negotiate my child's PFD check?

In order to negotiate a PFD check mailed to your child, simply provide your picture identification as the parent or legal guardian to a teller in any Alaska USA branch.

If your last name is different from your child's, you'll need to provide a legal document showing the correlation between the two names (such as a birth certificate or court document.)

Accessing your PFD money

I want to use my PFD to make a purchase. How can I do that?

You have access to your PFD money after it has been deposited by using your Visa® Check Card or ATM card.

How can I get quick cash on PFD Day?

It's easy to avoid the crowds and get access to your money:

How do I transfer my PFD?

You can transfer your PFD between your accounts or to another Alaska USA member by clicking on the Transfers and Withdrawals tab in UltraBranch.

How do I pay bills with my PFD?

You can pay bills with your PFD by transferring money to an Alaska USA loan or credit card account or you can use Bill Pay to pay almost anyone.

What else can I do with my PFD?

Alaska USA offers many options: