Other Service Fees

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Research services

Account audit:

- Per hour with a one (1) hour minimum charge

 $15.00 per hour

- Check copy

- Document or statement copy

no charge
no charge



Bulk coin deposited or exchanged at coin machine:

- On total dollar amount processed

3% of total

- Includes Assessment or Notice to Withhold and Deliver

$50.00 per item
Long-distance collection call $1.50 per call

- Express

- Priority

$15.00 per item
$5.00 per item

- Assessed when accepted as a member of Alaska USA

$5.00 per member
Photocopy fee:

- Copy unrelated to credit union business

$.25  per item
Power of Attorney verification fee: $5.00 per verification
Special Credits - Card processing fee: $15.00

- Account verification request for a mortgage 

- If account verification for a mortgage is requested on a "rush" basis 

 $10.00 per verification
 $15.00 per verification