Cashier Services Fees

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Cashier services

7-Eleven® Vcom® Units:
No Alaska USA fee assessed if ATM function is used. CU Service Centers® pass-through fee is assessed if cash withdrawal is made by selecting the CU Service Centers® function.
$1.75 per cash withdrawal
Bank wire:
- Domestic
- Foreign

 $20.00 per wire
  $50.00 per wire
Cash services for coin:

First $200.00 per calendar month

Over $200.00 per calendar month:

no charge
$.08 per roll per month
4% of amount per month
Cash services for currency:
ATM withdrawals exempt.
 First $10,000.00 per calendar month
 Over $10,000.00 per calendar month:

no charge
$1.00 per $1,000.00 per month
$.10 per $1,000.00 per month
Cashier's check  $2.00 per item
Check delivery:
- Interbranch
- Other locations

  $5.00 per item
 $15.00 per item
Collection item:
- Incoming check
- Outgoing/Domestic
- Outgoing/Foreign
  $5.00 per item
  $5.00 per item
   $15.00 per item
Deposit correction: $2.00 per item
Money order $1.50 per item
Travelers Cheques:
- Traditional
- Cheques for two

1% of purchase amount
  1.5% of purchase amount