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What is Federal Regulation D?

Federal Regulation D (Reg D) establishes the monetary reserve amount financial institutions are required to maintain. All deposit or share accounts are categorized as transactional or non-transactional, and reserve requirements differ accordingly.

Reg D also restricts non-transactional accounts to prevent their being used as transactional accounts. Financial institutions are required to enforce these restrictions, to include closing an account that repeatedly exceeds these limits. Alaska USA has opted to enforce these limits by not allowing members to exceed the limit of restricted transfers or withdrawals.

Affected accounts and restrictions

Savings and money market accounts are non-transactional acounts subject to the following restriction:

  • No more than 6 preauthorized, electronic or telephonic (telephone, fax, or computer) transfers may be made from a non-transactional account to another account in the name of the member or to a third party in a calendar month. No more than 3 of these may be to a third party.

This limit includes transfers made through UltraBranch or initiated by calling the member service center, or by overdraft protection.

In-person transactions at a branch or ATM are exempt from these restrictions.

Avoiding the Reg D limitations

There are several things you can do to avoid the transfer restrictions of this regulation:

  • Keep sufficient funds in your checking account to cover your transactions.
  • Make payments to third parties from your checking account, not your savings account.
  • Open a credit line for overdraft protection instead of using your savings account.
  • Perform transfers at any ATM or branch location.

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