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UltraBranch Compatibility Issues

Browser Settings

Several web browser features must be present and enabled in order to use UltraBranch. These include SSLv3 (secure sockets layer) which is integral to the security of your UltraBranch session, as well as JavaScript.

In addition, support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is necessary for proper display of UltraBranch content. Most current browsers support these technologies and should work with UltraBranch, though Alaska USA does not test all available browsers.

For assistance with your browser settings, see our UltraBranch Troubleshooting Guide.

Browser Version Requirements

In order to access UltraBranch via the Internet, you need a browser that supports web standards including HTML 4, SSLv3, JavaScript and CSS.

Alaska USA recommends using the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Other browsers that support web standards should work with UltraBranch, but are not specifically tested by Alaska USA.

For both compatibility and security, Alaska USA recommends upgrading to the latest version of your browser, and staying current on all patches for both your browser and operating system.

Recommended Browsers Windows Macintosh
Firefox 3+ 3+
Google Chrome * *
Internet Explorer 7+ unsupported
Safari 4+ 4+
* While reports indicate the listed version is compatible, Alaska USA does not specifically test this browser.

Internet Explorer for Macintosh is not supported

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh is no longer a supported browser for accessing UltraBranch.

Microsoft never inplemented full support for SSLv3 in this browser and ceased development in June 2003. All support was discontinued at the end of 2005, including security fixes. Without SSLv3 or active support for security problems, Alaska USA cannot recommend or support Internet Explorer on Macintosh.

For Mac OS X Users, Alaska USA recommends using current versions of Safari (included with Mac OS X,) or Firefox.

UltraBranch no longer supports Mac OS 9.

Is Opera compatible with UltraBranch?

User reports indicate that Opera versions 7 and greater are compatible with UltraBranch, although it is not a tested browser.

Previous releases of Opera did not work with UltraBranch. Incompatibilities related to the javascript implementation in these earlier versions appear to have been resolved in recent releases.

Mac OS 9 support

Mac OS 9 is not a supported operating system for accessing UltraBranch.

Apple ceased development of Mac OS 9 in 2002, and has since discontinued all support, including security fixes. Without active support for potential security problems, Alaska USA cannot recommend or support the use of Mac OS 9 for accessing UltraBranch.

In addition, all supported and recommended browsers have discontinued development and support on Mac OS 9. The only browser currently in development for Mac OS 9 is iCab, which has not been tested and is not supported by Alaska USA.

Many Mac OS 9 compatible computers can be upgraded to run Mac OS X, which is actively supported by Apple and has many browser options available.

Mac OS X 10.4.0 and Safari 2.0 Compatibility

Safari version 2.0 was included in the first release version of Mac OS X 10.4. It has a known problem accessing sites that use SSL encryption, including UltraBranch. This problem typically results in authentication errors or a blank white page when you attempt to log in. Updated versions of Tiger fix this problem.


Update your computer with the latest version of Mac OS X 10.4, which will also update Safari. Software update instructions are available from Apple.

For compatibility and security, Alaska USA recommends using the latest browser version compatible with your system, and installing all available security patches.

Testing and user reports indicate that apart from this issue, Safari is compatible with UltraBranch.

MS Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows

Internet Explorer version 5.5 for Windows contains a bug that may display the following misleading security alert when connecting to a secure site such as UltraBranch:

When asked if you want to display nonsecure items, click 'Yes' and your UltraBranch session will continue securely. Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 (SP2) which addresses this issue. You can download this patch from Microsoft.

Alaska USA recommends upgrading to the latest version of IE that your computer supports, which will also address this issue.

Netscape Compatibility

Alaska USA recommends using Firefox instead of Netscape browsers.

Netscape abandond development of their version 4 browsers which are incompatible with UltraBranch.

Netscape subsequently released Netscape versions 6-8, based on different code that supports modern internet standards. Netscape no longer develops browsers and the technology behind their newer browsers forms the basis of Firefox.

Without active support for potential security problems, Alaska USA cannot recommend Netscape browsers.

WebTV is not compatible with UltraBranch

Due to its poor support for HTML and Javascript technologies, Alaska USA does not support the use WebTV or MsnTV with UltraBranch.

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