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Online Account Access Features

Can I receive my statements electronically?

Members using online account access may elect to receive eStatements, electronic versions of their statements, instead of paper statements in the mail.

To sign up for eStatements:

  • Log in to Online account access
  • Click on the "Account Services" tab
  • Near the bottom of the page, click on "Receive eStatements only"
  • Review and accept the "Electronic Statements and Notices Disclosure Agreement".
  • If you wish to receive an e-mail reminder when your new eStatement is ready, enter your e-mail address where indicated.

By signing up for eStatements, you are agreeing to receive your statement and important disclosure and regulatory information electronically. Some communications may still be delivered via the mail as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Can I view a pending ACH in UltraBranch?

An ACH transaction is an electronic transfer of funds. Some examples include: direct deposit of payroll (including military pay), government benefits, tax refunds or payments, Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend, payments to utility bills, and many others.

With UltraBranch, members can view a pending ACH transaction as soon as Alaska USA receives the transaction instructions, which can often occur the day before the actual transfer.

To view a pending ACH in UltraBranch:

  1. Log in to UltraBranch.
  2. Click on the “Pending ACH” link below the tabs.
  3. View pending ACH transactions at the bottom of the page.

This feature allows members to view more information about their accounts, allowing for better account planning and money management. For example, information about military pay is often available up to two days in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Member Service Center.

Can I view previous account statements online?

With online account access you can view your previous account statements online:

  1. Log in to online account access
  2. Click on the "Account Services" tab
  3. Select from the list of recent account statements, or specify a different date range.

You can also sign up for eStatements and turn off your paper account statements.

Customizable account name

You can distinguish accounts by giving them account names that are meaningful to you – like "Snowmobile loan" instead of "L10 Loan," or "Jenny’s college fund" in place of "S81 Certificate." To create new names for your accounts, click on the pencil icon next to the account name on the "Account Summary" page.

Flexible transfers in Online account access

Move funds from one account to another and schedule recurring and future transfers. For example, you could use this feature to set up automatic monthly loan or Visa credit card payments. Just click "Transfer Funds" from the "Transfers and Withdrawals" tab.

How do I access online account access from my smartphone?

The Alaska USA app includes the most popular online account access features; you can even deposit checks using your phone's camera and make payments to individuals or companies that you have set up in online account access Bill Pay.

Download the free Alaska USA app for your iPhone or Android device.

Member to member transfers

You can easily transfer funds to another member on online account access. All you need is the member’s last name, account number and account type.

  1. Log in to online account access,
  2. Click on the "Transfers and Withdrawals" tab,
  3. Select “transfer to another Alaska USA member” from the drop down menu,
  4. Enter the recipient's last name where indicated,
  5. Enter the destination account number and account type, as provided to you by the recipient.

Select your own User ID for logging in to online account access

When you initially sign up for online account access, your User ID is your member account number, and you are assigned an initial Personal Access Code (PAC).

You may change your User ID to something that’s easy for you to remember. To change your User ID from your member account number, click "Change User ID" from the "Account Profile" tab. Your new User ID must be unique, but can contain both alpha and numeric characters.

When you access your account using online account access by Phone you will still use your account number to log in.

Support for alpha-numeric passwords

When you initially sign up for online account access you are given a temporary Personal Access Code (PAC) that must be changed the first time you log in.

Online account access allows you to choose an alpha-numeric PAC between 8-12 characters. To change your PAC , choose "Change PAC" from the "Account Profile" tab.

Online account access Business Edition requires you to change your PAC every 6 months. Passwords cannot be re-used for at least 12 months.

Security tip: Create a PAC that is a mixture of letters and numbers. For greater security, avoid words found in a dictionary, easily guessed words, or personal information such as your phone number, social security number, and pet or family names.

Online account access by Phone users
Your Internet PAC and User ID are independent of your Phone PAC and User ID. When you change your PAC or User ID online, you have the option to create separate versions for online account access by Phone and online. For online account access by Phone, your User ID will be your Alaska USA account number and your PAC can only consist of numbers.

Online account access E-mail Alerts

You can set up system alerts to let you know when your account balance reaches a certain amount, or when future transfers are scheduled to occur. When a designated alert is activated, an alert message will appear in online account access and will be sent to the e-mail address you designate.

When you enroll in eStatements you can elect to receive alerts when your latest account statement is available for viewing.

Online account access Personalized Login

Alaska USA has enhanced online account access with an added layer of security. The enhanced login screen features a personalized image on the password entry screen that you select, so you will always know that you are accessing the real Alaska USA online account access.

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