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Today’s Rates

APR as low as1 7.75%

If you’re looking for a new or used boat or other vessel, it’s quick and easy to apply for financing. We offer loans for both personal and commercial vessels. 

  • Get competitive rates on boat loans and other vessel loans. 
  • Apply online, over the phone, or in a branch. 
  • No application fees. 
  • Pay your bill automatically from your checking or savings account. 
boat being placed in the water
boat being put into the water

Refinance your boat loan

Are you paying too much for your boat or vessel loan? Refinancing could help you find a loan with terms that work better for you. Depending on your situation, you may be able to:  

  • Lower your monthly payment. 
  • Reduce your interest rate. 
  • Pay your boat off faster. 

Boat and Vessel Loan Calculators

How it works


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Answer a few simple questions and see what you qualify for.

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Find Your Boat

Shop around and find the new or used boat that you want.

Get Your Documentation

If your vessel measures 5 net tons or more, we require U.S. Coast Guard documentation.

Close the Deal

Purchase your new boat or vessel and enjoy the open water.

Boat Loan FAQs

In most cases, we can make a decision on your loan application in under 24 hours.  In some cases, we may need to ask you for more details, and then the process takes a little longer.

You’ll need to provide the following information on your loan application: 

  • Name 
  • Social security number 
  • Physical and mailing address 
  • Employment information 
  • Gross monthly income 
  • Date of birth 

In some cases, we may ask for additional information when you submit your application.  

No, you don’t have to be a member to apply, but you do need to become a member if you want to take the loan. But don’t worry—it’s quick and easy to join Alaska USA.  

When you apply for a loan, we ask if you’re already an Alaska USA member. If you’re not, just follow the instructions at the end of the application process to join. 

Normally, we offer boat loans to finance models that are seven years old and newer, but we sometimes make exceptions for qualified applicants. If you want to finance an older boat, give us a call at 800-525-9094 to discuss your options. 

There are no application or origination fees for a boat or vessel loan, but you may need to pay documentation and Preferred Marine Mortgages fees. The exact amounts will be 

disclosed by the documentation company before your loan is funded. These fees can be financed as part of your loan if you wish.  

Yes, we require U.S. Coast Guard documentation of all vessels measuring 5 net tons or more in order to file a Preferred Marine Mortgage. Most vessels that are 25 feet or longer will fall into this category. 

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1Interest rate is dependent upon the credit qualifications of the borrower(s). Rates are subject to change at any time for any reason. See our rates page for full details.