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Frequently Asked Questions

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union - Global Credit Union Merger

This merger makes both of our organizations stronger, which benefits our employees, our members and the communities we serve. Partnering with another established credit union will increase operating efficiencies so we will have the resources to deliver more to Alaska USA members including in several new markets – with the same personalized service we have always provided. It will result in combined assets of over $11 billion, making ours one of the 15 largest credit unions in the country.

Nothing will change for current Alaska USA members except that once the merger is complete, they will also be able to directly access nine more branches in the Eastern Washington and northern Idaho markets that Global currently operates.

The merger will have no impact on jobs at Alaska USA. In addition, all of Global’s team members will be offered employment and nearly everyone will maintain the same or a substantially similar role after the merger is complete. In fact, a potential merger of this size creates new opportunities for existing employees of both credit unions to expand their career options in the future.

Global Credit Union will retain its name in the markets that it currently serves. Global is a healthy and trusted credit union and it makes the most sense for it to continue to operate under the existing name.

At this time, it is business as usual, and everything will continue to work as it has. We are committed to make any transition as seamless as possible so Global members will continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to their money.

No. There is very little overlap between Global and Alaska USA so, upon completion of the merger, members of the combined organization will have access to over 80 branches in five states.

Both Global and Alaska USA participate in a shared branching network that already allows members to perform some transactions at another participating credit union’s branch.

Our collective commitment to the communities we serve remains steadfast, and we look forward to the potential of even more significant and broader participation with the financial strength of the combined organizations.

Each credit union will continue the due diligence process while obtaining regulatory approval from both the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions. Once we receive regulatory approval, the process of obtaining member approval will begin and is expected to occur in the latter half of 2022.