Loan Protection

A loan for your home, auto, or other major purchase could represent a significant burden on your family if you were to become disabled or die. Not being able to make the mortgage or other loan payments could make a difficult situation even worse. You can protect your assets and your family with the following options.

Payment Protection

Payment protection is a voluntary debt cancellation program from Alaska USA that cancels your loan balance or your monthly loan payment (depending on the package selected) in the event of disability or death up to the agreement maximum. Your outstanding loan balance can be canceled up to $100,000 for loss of life and your monthly loan payments can be canceled for up to $24,000 or 24 months in the event of disability. It is available to single and joint borrowers. The cost is based on the monthly outstanding loan balance and can be added to the monthly payment.

Mortgage Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Pays your mortgage loan balance in the event of your death or disability from accidental causes. The premium is added to your monthly mortgage payment. Available to members who have mortgage loans serviced by Alaska USA. The cost of this coverage is based on your loan balance or the portion of the balance you choose to cover. You may download an application form for Mortgage Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance.


Each product above has been described here in general terms. Each is subject to the terms of the governing master agreement, certificate of insurance, or both.

Insurance products are provided by various carriers and are obligations of the issuing insurance company are not obligations of Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. Product offers and availability differ by state.