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Condo insurance covers your personal belongings and unit’s interior walls and protects you from liability

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Condo insurance fills in your coverage gaps, providing insurance for items and situations that are not protected under the condominium master policy that covers your building.

Condo insurance offers the following types of protection:

  • Personal property coverage for your furniture, electronics, clothes, and other possessions
  • Liability coverage, in case you cause damage to the property or a guest is injured in your home
  • Loss of use coverage in case you need temporary housing while your condo is being repaired
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man kissing dog on the head

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At Alaska USA Insurance Brokers, we work for you, not for the insurance company. Here’s what we do to ensure that you get the coverage that’s right for you.

  • Discuss your situation and provide personalized advice
  • Help you identify the insurance policies that best meet your needs
  • Find you that coverage at the best possible price

Condo Insurance FAQs

Condo insurance usually covers:

  • Damage to your belongings in your unit caused by fire or smoke, plumbing leaks, or other issues
  • Theft, even if the items are not taken from your home (for example, if your camera is stolen while you’re on vacation)
  • Liability for a guest who is injured while in your condo
  • Legal expenses if you are sued for damages

Some things may not be included in your condo insurance, unless you’ve added a rider or separate policy:

  • Damage caused by earthquake or flooding
  • Loss due to identity theft, or unauthorized transactions on your credit cards or bank accounts
  • Some valuable items, like electronics and jewelry, may only be covered up to a certain limit.
  • Equipment taken from your vehicle will be covered, but if the item was installed (like a stereo system, for example), this will be replaced by your auto insurance.

Depending on the value of your jewelry and other valuable items, you may need additional coverage beyond your basic condo insurance coverage. When you discuss your insurance needs with your agent, they can help you decide whether you need additional coverage for valuable personal property.

Liability coverage can protect you if there’s an accident or injury at your home. For example, if a guest trips and falls in your condo or is bitten by a pet, that would typically be covered by liability coverage.

If you run a business from your home, you may need additional coverage beyond a typical condo policy. Your broker can help you decide what kinds of coverage you need.

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woman watering flowers

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“I switched my renters insurance to Alaska USA from (another insurance company). It was only a few dollars cheaper, but my coverage nearly doubled!”

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