Wire Templates

Screenshot of the Wire Transfer Templates page

UltraBranch allows you to save and reload beneficiary information, which saves a lot of time. In addition, you can create templates that will allow you to load the beneficiary information and put a limit on the dollar amount allowed for a new wire.

Creating a Template

Click on the “Templates” button at the top of the page to create a new template.

Click “New Template,” and then fill in the required information, including template, beneficiary and debit information.

Template Name – Create a unique template name, with up to thirty-two characters.

Template Nickname – While not a required field, it may be helpful to nickname your template, as most references will be to the template nickname.

Template Category – The template category determines how much information you can change in that template in the future.

Template Scope – Select either “User (My Use)” or “Business (General Use).” If “User” is selected, only the person that created the template, the primary contact or a company administrator can view it.

Template Limit – The dollar amount limit for any new wire based on this template.

Enter all necessary information, click “Save Template” and then review the confirmation page. Choose “Confirm/Save Template” to finish.

Managing Templates

From the “Wire Transfer Templates” page you can view, edit or delete existing wire transfer templates. Templates are grouped into two categories: User and Business. The list shows the template name, nickname, account that will be debited, status, and the dollar amount limit.

Click “New Template” to create a new template.

Editing Templates

Click the Edit icon () to make changes to any wire transfer template on the “Wire Transfer Templates” page. When you are finished editing, click “Save Template” to store the template and return to the “Wire Transfer Templates” page. To return to the previous screen without making any changes or taking any action, click “Cancel.”

Note that an existing wire that was based on a wire transfer template will not change automatically if you edit the template it was based on. Additionally, you may not edit the wire to include a dollar amount over the template limit, even if you edit the template to increase that dollar limit.

Adding a Wire Transfer Using a Template

From the “New Wire” page, choose the template you need from the drop-down box at the top of the page near the “Load Template” button. Click “Load Template” to activate the template and pre-fill the new wire fields and drop-down boxes. Depending on the template type, you will be able to edit certain fields, such as debit amount and effective date. You cannot enter an amount that exceeds the template limit or change whether the wire is repeating or not. Click “Submit Wire” to continue to the confirmation page and then click “Confirm/Submit Wire.”