Releasing Wire Transfers

Screenshot of the Release Wires page

Because transferring electronic funds by wire is such a powerful tool, UltraBranch Business Edition adds an extra measure of control. After a wire is created (and approved, if necessary), it appears on the “Pending Wire Transfer Summary” list with the status of “Created.” Regardless of the effective date, the system will not process the wire until it is “released” by an Authorized User. Authorized Users are required to answer a security question in order to complete release.

To release wires, select the “Release Wires” button at the top of the page. (If you don’t see this option, it’s because you do not have permission to release wires. Please see your Primary Contact or a Company Administrator).

The “Release Wires” page displays all created and approved wires for the selected time period.

Select a choice from the “Action” drop-down box to hold, release or reject each listed wire.

Select the desired action from the “Action” drop-down box. (Or use the “Release All” or “Reject All” buttons if appropriate). Then click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. A confirmation page will display. Click “Confirm/Release Wires” and you will return to the “Wire Transfers” summary page.

Pre-releasing a Wire Transfer

If you want to release a wire with an effective date after today’s date, go to the “Release Wires” page and enter the appropriate date under the “View Options” box. Wires with a pending wire frequency of “None” can be released before their effective dates. Wires with recurring frequencies can only be released on their scheduled effective dates.