Creating a New Wire Transfer

screenshot of New Wire page

When you select “New Wire” at the top of the page, you are asked to provide information about the beneficiary – the person that will receive the wire. You can enter this information in three ways:

About Transaction Timing

A wire can be sent the same banking business day it is created if the wire is submitted and released (with funds available in your business checking account) before 12:30 p.m.

Ex: If you create and release a wire before 12:30 p.m. Monday, the funds will be sent on Monday. If you create and release a wire after 12:30 p.m. Monday, the funds will be sent the following business day.

Completing Beneficiary Information

Beneficiary Name – The name of the beneficiary as it appears on the identification used to withdraw funds from a financial institution.

Address 1 – The physical address of the beneficiary. PO Boxes or any mail drop locations are not permitted.

Beneficiary Scope – Select “User” or “Business.” When “User” is selected, only the user, the Primary Contact or a Company Administrator can view the wire.

Account Number – The account number where the beneficiary would like funds deposited.

Account Type – Type of account where the beneficiary will receive funds (checking, savings, etc).

Other required fields include “City” and “Zip/Postal Code.”

Completing Beneficiary Bank Information

Beneficiary Bank Name – The financial institution where the beneficiary will receive the wired funds.

Financial Institution Routing Number – The most critical piece of information is the routing number, which is the 9-digit number used by the Federal Reserve to transmit funds from your Alaska USA account into the participant’s financial institution.

Bank Lookup – helps locate the correct routing number. Enter the routing number to verify that you have a valid number.


  1. The more information you provide, the shorter the returned list. If you enter Alaska USA FCU, approximately 50 different branches will appear on the list. However, if you also entered Anchorage, AK, you’d get far fewer returns.
  2. If you can’t find the beneficiary financial institution in the Bank Lookup, it could be that an intermediary financial institution is involved. This happens when the beneficiary’s financial institution is too small to have its own routing number. In such cases, the wire must be sent to an intermediary financial institution. You will need to contact the beneficiary financial institution to obtain the information. Once you have the information, enter it under the "Beneficiary Bank Info." The financial institution where the account is located will be entered under the "Bank to Bank Information" section.

Completing Your Debit Information

Debit Account – The business checking account to be debited.

Amount – Dollar amount of the wire transfer.

Requested Date – The date you would like the wire sent. Requested date can be today’s date, if the wire is created, approved (if necessary), and released before 12:30 p.m. Alaska Time. Wires released after 12:30 p.m. Alaska Time must be dated the next banking business day.

Repeating – The default “None” means that this is a one-time payment. Set up a repeating transfer by selecting an appropriate interval from the drop-down box. Then select either “Unlimited” or enter the preferred number of payments in the “# of payments” box. This option cannot be edited at a future date.

Note: If you select this feature, be sure that the recurring period will be on a business day and will not fall on a holiday or weekend. Recurring wires that fall on a holiday or weekend will not be completed.

Once all the required information has been entered, click “Submit Wire” at the bottom of the page to confirm the wire.