Making a Tax Payment

Screenshot of the Add Tax Payment page

When you are ready to make your tax payment, select the "Payments and Transfers" tab, then "Tax", and select "New Tax Payment."

Complete Batch Header

You can make multiple tax payments at once as a single batch payment, and all payments must be part of a batch. From the "Add Tax Entry" page enter the following information:

Screenshot of the Add Tax Entry page

Adding Individual Entries

Select "Add Entry" (middle right side of the screen) and this will take you to the "Add Tax Payment Entry" page.

At the Add Tax Payment Entry page, select the following fields:

Once you have completed the specifics of your tax payment entry, select "Add Entry" to return to the "Add Tax Payment" page showing the summary of this Tax Payment Batch.

If you wish to include additional additional tax payments in this batch, simply select the "Add Entry" button and repeat the steps above.

When you have finished entering all the tax payments you wish to pay, select "Submit For Payment".

Submitting the Tax Payment

Screenshot of the Verify Tax Payment page

Review the Tax Payment Verify screen for accuracy. If you are satisfied with the details of the payment, click "Send Tax Payment" " to submit it. If you need to make changes, click "Revise." Click the "Cancel" button to return to the previous page without taking action, discarding the data you entered.

After scheduling the payment, you will be returned to the Tax payment summary page. Your scheduled payments will be listed, either in the "Pending Tax Payment Summary" category or the "Summary of Tax Payments Waiting for Approval."