Report Types

Account Management Reports

Choose from a variety of standard reports, including Deposit Detail, Transaction Detail, Credits, Debits, Balance Summary, and Balance Detail.

Payments and Transfers Reports

Completed Wires – Lists all completed wires in a given time period.

Failed Wires – Lists all failed wires in a given time period.

InProcess Wires – Lists all wires in the “Pending Wire Transfer Summary.”

Wires By Status – Click on “Custom Reporting” to limit the status types that are included in the report. You can also set sort options, including sorting by status.

Wires By Source – Click on “Custom Report” and you can choose to narrow report information based on how the wire was created, or what its “Source” was. For example, you could choose “template” in the “Source” drop-down box to view only those wires made with a template.

Wires By Template – Click on “Custom Report” and you can display all wires that are based on a particular template. Choose the template title from the drop-down box.

Wire Templates – Lists all available templates.

Completed ACH Payments – Lists batch name, payee name, date, process date, type, status, amount, total credits and total debits.

Tax Payments – Shows tax payment date, tax type, source account, memo, reference number, amount and status.

Audit Reports

Audit Reports can be accessed from either the "Reporting" tab or from the "Admin" tab.

System Activity – Select from a variety of modules such as Accounts, Approvals and Employee Administration to audit system activity on any individual user or all users. Reports can also be narrowed to include specific activities for each module.