Reports Overview

Screenshot of the Reports Overview page

Create, view and save reports to help you keep track of account transactions and User activity. There are three main categories of reports that appear when you click on the “Reporting” tab: Account Management Reports, Payments and Transfers Reports, and Audit Reports. The Audit reports are also available to Primary Contact and Company Administrators in the "Admin" tab.

The Primary Contact and Company Administrators have access to all reporting categories. Other Users have access based on their individual access rights.

Working with Reports

When you click on the "Reporting" tab, you will see a list of standard reports, as well as options for loading saved reports and managing custom reports.

Viewing Reports

Click on a Standard Report and you will go to a page with options for specifying what information should be included in the report, and how you want to view the report.

From Account – Show information from a specific account.

Show From/To – Indicate the date range the report should include. You may type in dates, use the calendar icon () to click on dates, or click on “Today.” If you do not enter anything, most reports will default to the current month’s information.

Format – Choices include HTML, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, PDF, and Plain Text.

Orientation – If you select the PDF format, you can choose Landscape (horizontal) or Portrait (vertical) display of information.

Delivery Method – Display online (on screen) or export to your hard drive.

Report Header/Footer – The report header/footer page is a pop-up window that allows you to select from a list of pre-defined report header options. Choices include your business name, creating a report name, and displaying the report date/time of generation. You can also enter a footer display such as “Confidential.” All options are set as either on or off depending on whether the associated box has been checked.

Once you’ve finished these selections, click “Save Report” if you think you will use these same or similar options in the future. Click “Generate Report” to run the report immediately, or “Cancel” to return to the previous page.

The “Custom Reporting” button is an option if you would like to narrow down the information in the report and choose a sort order for various fields.