Custom Reports

Screenshot of the Custom Report Criteria page

Reports can customized to give you the information you want, in the order you need. Once you’ve created a custom report, you can save it with a unique name for future use.

Creating a Custom Report

You can create custom reports two ways:

  1. Click on a standard report title and then choose “Custom Reporting” at the bottom of the page for additional options. You can also save the report either before or after you run it.
    • Click the “Save Report” button before you run it. Give it a unique name and description.
    • View the report first by clicking “Generate Report.” Once the “Report Results” page appears, you can enter a report name and description and save the report.

    In the future you can choose the saved report from the drop-down box under “Saved Reports” on the main page for reports in that category.

  2. On the main reports page for each category (Account Management, Payments and Transfers or Audit Reports), you will see the list of standard reports and a corresponding link to the right titled “New Custom Report.” Click on this link to create a new report with custom reporting options.

Report Customization Options

A custom report is based on a standard report type with additional criteria that you can specify. Only those entries that match your specified criteria will be included in your report.

The criteria you can specify depends on the report type that you base your report on. Examples of criteria you can specify include:

Date ranges on all transaction-based reports.

Accounts on all transaction and account-based reports.

Batch, Wire, or Payment status for electronic payment reports.

In addition to the criteria used to restrict the information returned, you can also sort the report based on fields you select.

Editing custom reports

To edit a saved report, load the main reporting page for the desired report category (Account Management, Payments and Transfers or Audit Reports). Selecting the report name in the "Saved Reports" drop-down next to the standard report name on which your custom report was based, then click on the Edit icon () to the right of the drop-down.

Make your desired changes and then save or generate the report.

Note: You can make desired changes and rename the report, which simply adds a new report title to your list of “Saved Reports.” Otherwise, any changes you make will be saved under the original report name.