Company Limits

The "Features Access and Limits" page allows you to specify the features you want for your business. This page also allows you to set company limits for electronic transfer and payment options as described below. Make sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the screen to confirm your selections.

The Primary Contact or any Company Administrator can specify a dollar limit for wires, ACH payments, or tax payments. Transaction batch and daily limits can be set for each type of payment. These company-wide limits can be reset by the Primary Contact or Company Administrator at any time.

Use limits to maintain control over your budget, particularly when multiple Users are creating payments.

If a payment exceeds the preset limit, the User will receive a "limits error," and the payment will not be saved. The default limit is $0 for all categories, meaning that all payment requests will be considered over-the-limit and would be rejected. However, you can establish an approval process to review and approve/reject over-the-limit payments by using the "Exceed limit with approval" option.

Note: The Primary Contact and Company Administrators can view and change company-wide limits. Other Users cannot view limits. If other Users will be creating wires, ACH payments, or tax payments, it may be helpful to advise them of the limits.

Administer ACH Access and Limits (Company)

screenshot of ACH Access and Limits page

Exceeding Limits with Approval

Checking "Exceed limits with approval" allows over-the-limit payments to be created and held until they are approved by a User that has been granted authority. You must designate someone within your company to approve over-the-limit transactions. If you want to ensure that every payment goes through this approval process, keep the company-wide limit at $0 and enable "Exceed limit with approval" box for all Users.

Note: By default, the Exceed Limit with Approval feature is disabled (unchecked and grayed out) until you create another User. Multiple Users are required to enable transaction approvals. See the Adding a New User section on how to add another User to your UltraBranch Business Edition account.

You will be prompted to answer the following question: "Do you wish to make the new ACH company permissions immediately available to all eligible users?" Select "Yes" if you agree. By clicking "yes," All User limits will be set equal to the company limits. By default the Primary User's entitlements and user access are the same as the company limits.

Additional Safeguards

When you set company-wide limits, you control the maximum dollar amount for wire and ACH transactions. However, these limits can be modified by any Company Administrator that has been given access to your account. If your company desires an additional safeguard, you may contact Alaska USA in writing and request that the credit union set a dollar limit of your choosing. That limit may not be exceeded or changed within UltraBranch Business Edition. To change or override this limit, the Primary Contact must request that change in writing.

Options for knowing if a wire transfer, ACH payment or tax payment is waiting to be approved