Company Permissions

screenshot of Company Permissions page

The Company Permissions page is where you select which of the electronic payment functions you want for your business. You may also choose certain reporting, upload and transfer features. Some of the UltraBranch Business Edition navigation tabs available to your business and individual users will be determined by the features you activate on this page. Make sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the screen to confirm your selections. The features are described below. This page also allows you to set company limits.

Company Permissions

ACH payments – An electronic method for creating a batch of checks that serve a single purpose (payroll, paying monthly bills, etc).

Tax payments – Pay federal taxes online after you sign up with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

Wire domestic – An electronic method for making payment from your business checking account to an individual person or business anywhere in the U.S.

Wire release – Authorize the release of funds from your business checking account to cover the wires you create.

Account management reporting – Standard and customized reporting for all transfers or disbursement of business funds.

ACH file upload – The ability to import ACH files in NACHA format to quickly set up payroll or other ACH batch payments.

Audit reports - Standard and customized reporting to assist in the analysis of account activity and user actions.

Payment and Transfer reporting - Standard and customized reporting of ACH, wire, tax and transfer details.

Edit account name – Change account name.

Stop payments – Stop payment on a business check.

Transfers – Transfer funds between authorized accounts on a one-time or recurring basis.