Managing Administrators

screenshot of Administrator edit page

The Primary Contact can share administrative responsibilities by designating certain Users as Company Administrators. Company Administrators have full access to all the features of UltraBranch Business Edition unless their access has been edited by the Primary Contact or another administrator. They also have the authority to approve over-the-limit wires and ACH payments, add and delete other Users and Company Administrators, and can even inactivate the Primary Contact (although they may not delete a Primary Contact). For these reasons, creating a Company Administrator should be carefully considered.

From the "Admin" tab, click on "Company" and "Edit Administrators" to view a list of Users and Company Administrators.

To move a User to the Company Administrator designation, simply click on the User name, then on "Add." Similarly, you may click on a Company Administrator and click "Remove" to limit their privileges to User status. Changes take effect when you click "Save."