Adding a New User

screenshot of new user page

The Primary Contact or a Company Administrator can add new Users.

The most important step in adding a new User is what authority they will have within the UltraBranch Business Edition system. You can use the Entitlement Worksheet provided here, or you can create your own.

While you could easily grant permission to all features, it is strongly recommended that you be conservative in how you allow others access to your account(s). Different employees may only need access to certain features. For example, your accountant may need permission to transfer funds, while an auditor may only need access to reporting features.

Please note that while you can assign specific permissions to individual Users, it is not possible to give Users different permissions for different accounts. For example, if a User has permission to view Account Details, that option will be available for each account the User can access.

From the “Admin” tab, select the “Users” link, then click on "Add User". Fill in all the required fields. The Personal Access Code (PAC) entered here is temporary. PAC must be 8-12 characters and should contain alpha, numeric, and special characters (+, @, #, or & only). The new User will be required to change it upon initial log-in to the system. The “Status” drop-down box defaults to “Active.”

An email address is required for each User created. This is the default address used if the User sets any alerts. Email addresses are limited to 40 alpha numeric characters.

After completing the form, click on the "Continue" button to proceed to the next step.

Security Features to remember:

Edit Feature Access and Limits

screenshot of ACH Access and Limits page

You will be asked if you want all features immediately available to this new User. The system defaults to "No".

If you select "Yes," the new User will have full access to all accounts, features, and limits but no administrative capabilities. You can always modify limits or remove access to accounts and features after the new User account has been created.

If you select "No", you will be prompted through a step-by-step user set-up described below:

You will be prompted to complete the Administer ACH Access and Limits screen, as shown below:

Note: New User limits cannot exceed company limits. If there are no limits established for a User and the User is entitled to ACH and tax payments, the limit will be the same as the company limit.

Review your selections and then click "Confirm" again.

Setting Cross Account Feature Access and Limits - this page allows you to designate the features available to this User. You can also enable access to domestic wires and establish User wire limits.

Note: If the User's wire limits are cleared, their limit will be the same as the company limit. If you wish to require that all wires submitted by this User be approved by a different User, enter $0 in each limit box and check the box "Exceeds Limit with Approval." If you want the User to have the ability to release wires after they have been approved, their Wire Release limits will need to be set at least as high as their Wire Domestic limits. "Exceeds Limit with Approval" is not an option for Wire Release.

Be sure to "Save", and then "Confirm" your changes.

Click "Done"

Note: New Users must log in within 48 hours to set their password or their account will be locked. Feature access and limits can be changed by accessing the User screen within the "Admin" tab and clicking "Permissions" to edit the User.