ACH Templates

Screenshot of ACH Templates page

Templates are a valuable tool that can save a lot of time. Using templates saves you from having to re-enter batch participants and look up bank routing numbers.

Creating an ACH Batch Template

There are two ways to create ACH batch templates:

  1. After creating an ACH Batch and submitting it for payment, you will see an option to “Save as Template.” Click this button and name your template.
  2. Click on the “Templates” navigation button at the top of the page to view the “ACH Templates” page. Click “Add Template” and then enter template name, company description, discretionary data, scope, frequency and participants. Click “Save Template” to save the batch information.

Managing ACH Batch Templates

From the “ACH Templates” page you can edit, delete, or add new templates.

Editing an ACH Batch Template

From the “ACH Templates” page, click the Edit icon () to make changes. When you are finished editing, click “Save Template” to store the changes and return to the “ACH Templates” page list. To return to the previous screen without making any changes or taking any action, click “Cancel.”

Adding an ACH Batch Using a Template

You can re-use any earlier ACH batch that has been saved as a template. From the “ACH Summary” page, choose the template you need from the “Choose Template” drop-down box and click “Load” to activate it. Be sure to review and edit all batch information, including name, effective date and participants. Note: The Effective Date displays the earliest date the new ACH batch can be sent.