ACH Batch Summary

Screenshot of ACH Payments Summary page

The “ACH Batch Summary” page gives you an overview of pending and completed batches.

Viewing Existing ACH Batches

Search for ACH batches within a certain date range by changing the selection criteria in the “View Options” box at the top of the page. The date range default is set at one month prior through one month after today’s date. Modify the range by entering a correctly formatted date or by selecting the desired dates from the small calendar icon () to the right of each date box. Click “View” to display the ACH batches that fall into the specified date range. There are three categories of ACH batches that will be listed.

Editing an ACH Batch

From the “ACH Summary” page, click on the Edit icon () to change an existing batch. You may change any field in the batch header except the “Batch Type.”

If you need to change participant information, click on the Edit icon () next to the participant’s name. To delete a participant, click on the Delete icon () and that entry will be immediately removed.

When the changes are final, click “Submit for Payment” to review the confirmation page.

Deleting an ACH Batch

Click the Delete icon () near the batch you wish to delete. You will have the opportunity to review the ACH batch header and entry information. If you are confident you no longer want to send this batch, click “Delete Batch.” To return to the previous screen without making any changes or taking any action, click “Cancel.”

Reversing a Completed ACH Batch

It may be possible to reverse a single ACH entry from a completed ACH batch if the reversal is processed within five business days of the initial ACH batch. To reverse an ACH, click on the View icon () for the desired batch listed in the Completed ACH Batch Summary. Click the "Reverse" button for the desired entry as displayed on the "ACH Batch Detail" page. If the ACH completed more than 5 business days ago, you will not be able to reverse the transaction.

Note: Reversals do not always work, usually because the payee does not have sufficient funds in the account to which your payment was sent. It may be necessary to contact the payee directly to resolve the issue. Alaska USA is not responsible if a reversal is not successful (See Alaska USA UltraBranch Business Edition Service Disclosure).