ACH Payroll - Quick Setup

Screenshot of Add ACH Payment Template page

Begin by clicking on the Payments and Transfers tab, then the “ACH” navigational link below it.

Set up Managed Participants

  1. Click the “Participants” button (under the navigational links).
  2. For each employee you wish to add, click “Add New” and complete the required information.
  3. Click “Save Participant.”

Set up ACH Batch Template

  1. Select the “Templates” button (under the navigational links).
  2. Click “Add Template.”
  3. Complete the required information on the batch header.
  4. Click “Add entry” to add your eligible employees for direct deposit.
  5. Click “Managed Participants” to access a list of those participants you saved earlier.
  6. Click “Insert” to the right of the employee name.
  7. Input the payroll amount for the employee.
  8. Click “Add Entry.”
  9. Continue adding your employees through “Add Entry” and “Managed Participants” until all your eligible employees are listed on the ACH Batch Entries.
  10. Once you have completed the ACH batch template, click “Save Template.”

Tips for Creating Payroll Templates

Change the Template Scope to “Business” if you would like to give other authorized users access to this payroll template in the future.

Since most payroll amounts vary from payday to payday, leave the Frequency as “None selected.”

If you currently use financial management software to produce and manage your payroll, you can import your payroll information all at once to save time. Just click on “New ACH,” fill out the batch header, and click the “Import Entries” button to load your NACHA-formatted file.