Creating a New ACH Batch

Screenshot of Add ACH Payment page

To create a new ACH batch, you will need to complete a Batch Header that provides details about the batch. You also need to set up the Batch Participants (recipients of the payment).

If you have already created and saved templates, you can also base a new ACH batch on a batch template.

Completing the ACH Batch Header

On the “Add ACH Batch” page, complete the following fields for a new ACH Batch. If you created the batch using a template, some fields will already be completed and cannot be modified:

Completing the ACH Entries

To complete an ACH batch you must add one or more entries.

Once you have added entries, they may be changed or removed with the Edit and Delete icons ( and ). If you choose to delete an entry, all participant information is immediately gone unless the participant is saved in the Managed Participants list.

Submitting the ACH Batch

When all entries have been made and the batch is ready to send, click “Submit for Payment” at the bottom of the page.

You will see the “Confirm ACH Batch” page. If this batch contains information that will be useful in the future, click “Save as Template” and give it a descriptive name and select the scope (User templates are only visible to the individual who created them, while Company templates can be used by any employee authorized to create ACH batches). Security questions are required when submitting all outgoing ACH transactions. Finally, click “Send” to submit your ACH batch request.

Click “Cancel” on the "Add ACH Batch" page to return to the previous screen without making any changes or taking any action. All batch information and added entries will be deleted.