Batch Entries

You can add participant information manually, load it from a “Managed Participants” list, or import participant data from your computer.

Add Entry

You may add participants to a batch by clicking the “Add Entry” button. Then you have two choices:

  1. Enter information for ACH participants one at a time on the “ACH Add Entry” page. Click “Add Entry” to move it to the ACH Batch Entries list. The information for participant entries created this way cannot be saved for future use unless you save the batch as a template before you submit it. (And entries saved in this way are only accessible from within the batch template. They will not be added to the “Managed Participants” list.)
  2. Click “Managed Participants” on the “ACH Add Entry” page to select from a list of saved participants. If you have a long list of participants, you can use the “ACH Participant Search” to find an individual quickly. Click the “Insert” button to the right of the row containing the name of the participant needed for this batch. Enter the amount and addenda as necessary and click “Add Entry.”

How do you add someone to the “Managed Participants” list? Review Managing ACH Participants and Adding a New ACH Participant.

Import Entries

Only NACHA-formatted PPD and CTX files can be imported.

Click “Import Entries” and then “Import ACH Batch Entries…”

You can then enter a file path or browse to find the file that you want to import into UltraBranch Business Edition. Click “Upload” and the entries will display in the “ACH Batch Entries” list.