Approving Electronic Payments

Screenshot of the Pending Approvals page

If an electronic payment (a wire transfer, ACH batch, or tax payment) exceeds a User's pre-set limit, you can establish an approval process to review and approve/reject over-the-limit payments by using the "Exceed Limit with Approval" option.

For timely account management, it is very important to review electronic payments pending approval on a regular basis.

Select the “Approvals” navigation link at the top of the page to hold, release or reject an electronic payment that has been “Submitted for Approval.” The “Pending Approvals” page displays all wires, ACH and tax payments waiting for approval.

Viewing Payment Information

You can see the payment details for each item listed in the "Pending Approvals" page by clicking on the View icon () associated with the desired item.

In addtion to seeing all of the information entered when the payment was created, you can also see the transaction history, which shows what actions have been taken on this payment.

Approving Payments

For each item pending approval you can change the "Approval Action". The actions are:

Hold – The payment will continue to be displayed in the “Submitted for Approval” category of the relevant summary page. Status will be listed as “Approval Hold.”

Approved – Approved ACH Batches and Tax Payments will be moved to the “Pending ” section of their relevent summary pages with a status of “Scheduled.” Wire transfers will move to the “Pending” section of the "Wire Transfer Summary" page with a status of “Created/Needs Release.” Approved wires must still be released in order to be processed.

Rejected – You may reject an electronic payment and include a reason for the rejection. The payment will be listed in the “Submitted for Approval” category with a status of “Approval Rejected.” The payment is still editable and can be resubmitted for approval.

Select the desired action from the “Approval Action” drop-down box for each payment you wish to change, then click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. A confirmation page will display. Click “Confirm” and then click the “ACH”, "Tax" or "Wires" navigation link at the top of the page to return to the “ACH batch summary”, "Tax payment summary", or "Wire transfer summary" page.