UltraBranch Business Edition

Use UltraBranch® Business Edition online for more efficiency and control over your finances.

  • Do business faster. Log in from anywhere, any time. Point and click to take care of tasks that used to take hours.
  • Get it at a glance. Review your business financial picture with quick and easy reports. You can even make and save custom report templates.
  • Delegate the details. Maintain control while you share the work by giving other users access to the features they need.
  • Send funds fast. Make same-day wire transfers to accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Streamline your payroll. Use ACH services.
  • Make online tax payments, manage withholdings, and view reports.
  • Keep track of it all with comprehensive account management from just one log in.

What does it cost to use UltraBranch Business Edition?

There is no subscription fee to access UltraBranch Business Edition. There are some fees associated with certain features, such as ACH transfers, wires, and Bill Pay.

There are also fees for services provided by 3rd party providers, such as check orders.