Purchase One

PurchaseOne is an electronic payments and corporate purchasing card that allows organizations to gain efficiencies in the payments process while also earning revenue by simply paying the invoices already being paid today!

Accounts Payable

Did you know many of the vendors you are paying today will accept Visa as a form of payment? By using PurchaseOne to pay these invoice, funds are sent electronically using the Visa network. This eliminates the time, expense and fraud risk of sending paper checks. Additionally, your organization will receive a percentage of all volume back in the form of a rebate!

Purchasing Card

PurchaseOne offers the option to also provide employees with purchasing cards for making corporate purchases for goods, services, travel and/or entertainment.

PurchaseOne cards will be branded with your organization's name and provides full expense tracking, approval and reporting capabilities. Using leading-edge technology, Purchase One brings multiple levels of purchasing management together into a single streamlined process - giving you complete control.

Questions? Ready to start earning revenue from simply paying invoices? Contact the program manager directly at (907) 646-6636.