Business Services

Your business can benefit from the same commitment to service, value, and convenience that Alaska USA members have enjoyed for more than 65 years! Alaska USA is a full-service financial institution for your Alaska business with loans, lines of credit, business checking, online services, debit cards, depository services, and merchant services.

Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Most businesses find that it is important to accept credit and debit cards as payment for goods and services to stay competitive. With merchant services, you and your customers can benefit from the reliability, security, and convenience of debit and credit card payments.

Alaska USA has teamed up with Cornerstone Credit Services to offer merchant service solutions for your business. Cornerstone offers experienced technical and customer helpdesk support for all your questions, big and small, that relate to your merchant services account. If it matters to you, it matters to Cornerstone.  They’re here to assist you.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Cornerstone Credit Services offers comprehensive point-of-sale credit and debit card processing so your customers can use their credit, debit and check cards to pay for merchandise and services.

  • Credit cards: Cornerstone supports all the major payment types your business needs. You can expect competitive MasterCard®, and Visa® discount rates, as well as authorizations to American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, JCB® and EBT cards.

  • Debit and check cards: Cornerstone’s solutions enable you to offer your customers the option of both online and offline debit. Online debit cards mean you process the cardholder’s debit or check card and they complete the transaction by keying in their PIN number. Offline debit transactions are those that you process from customer using their MasterCard® and Visa® branded debit cards (many times referred to as check cards). These are processed like traditional credit cards.

Equipment and Scalability

You’ve got choices with Cornerstone. They offer EMV-compatible standalone units, network and PC-based terminals, mobile, smart phone and tablet options, simple to complex point-of-sale systems, online shopping cart options, and more. They're also compatible with many third-party integrated systems.  Whether you are a sole proprietor or a large, multi-location retailer, Cornerstone can help.

Mobile Processing

Now you can accept credit cards through your smart phone or tablet. Cornerstone offers multiple solutions and helps make the process simple and convenient to use. Accepting payments at the time of service saves you time and money.

Internet Processing

Do you need an online answer for accepting electronic payments? Have a website and want to add shopping cart access? Cornerstone provides the solution. Just enter your transactions via the Internet wherever you are, at your business, your home, from your laptop, or at a client’s office or trade show. Virtual Terminal turns your existing PC with Internet access into a go-anywhere credit card terminal. Anywhere you have online access, you can accept credit cards. Already have a website and want to add a shopping cart feature? Cornerstone easily integrates with most popular software products and web URL sites. If you already have a website and want to add a shopping cart, Cornerstone easily integrates with most popular software products.

Check Services

  • Check Recovery Service: Cornerstone provides a commission-free check collection recovery service to all of our credit card clients at no cost. Because Cornerstone represents many Alaskan businesses that accept checks, we are able to utilize our internal systems to locate bad check debtor accounts quickly and effectively.
  • Standard Check Guarantee: Accept checks from all US territories and Canada; enjoy the highest approvals in the industry, and it takes only seconds to get it; 24 / 7 customer service; simple claim submittal. Standard check guarantee delivers all of this at affordable rates.
  • Check Conversion with Guarantee: This service allows paper checks to be converted to an electronic funds transfer, or EFT, at the point-of-sale. The information on the check is automatically captured and prepared for automatic submission to the ACH, saving you a trip to your financial institution. And along with it, enjoy the safety that check guarantee provides.

Gift and Loyalty

Cornerstone has a robust selection of gift and loyalty programs for merchants. Why offer gift cards? Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts to give on all occasions throughout the year. They take up very merchandising space, are a great way to advertise to customers and their loved ones, and studies consistently show that gift card users tend to purchase far beyond the value of the gift card.

Already have a gift card program? Cornerstone can help you expand it to generate even more revenue through email marketing, virtual cards, mobile marketing, and customer campaigns using preset rewards cards or mystery cards to drive in extra business for holidays, special store events or location openings.

Loyalty programs can increase your business by encouraging customers to come back again and again for specific goods and services. Good loyalty programs help create long term customer relationships. These programs can be operated through specific cards or through specific software solutions that can push text messages of special store sales and events to your customers.

Depository Services

Business Depository Services

If your business routinely handles a high volume of cash and checks, you can save time and money with Alaska USA's convenient ATM business depositories, available at many locations in Alaska.

  • ATM depositories are accessible with a depository access card
  • Many available 24 hours a day for your convenience
  • Free depository supplies - including bags, deposit tickets, and access cards
  • No waiting in line to make a deposit!

These depository services, combined with an affordable Alaska USA business checking account that pays dividends, make it easy to manage your cash flow. Leaving you more time to concentrate on your business!

Remote Business Deposit

Remote Business Deposit provides eligible business members the ability to make check deposits at their convenience through a personal computer and scanning device. Checks are tallied and scanned, converted to electronic items, and transmitted to Alaska USA for review and credit to the account.

Maximize the efficiency of your business operations

In addition to generally streamlining your business operations, Remote Business Deposit offers:

  • Added convenience of depositing checks directly from your business, outside of branch hours
  • Reduced trips to a branch and lower transportation costs
  • Ability to deposit into multiple accounts, under separate deposits
  • Online access to images, deposits, and customizable reports for 24 months
  • Ability to set up multi-level user permissions in order to delegate financial tasks


Cost: There is a monthly fee of $35.

Processing schedule: Deposits made before 5 pm Monday through Friday will be processed the same day. Any deposit made after 5 pm, or on weekends and holidays, will be processed the following business day. Any transaction that does not meet the criteria required by the Remote Business Deposit service will prompt a Member Business Development Officer to contact your business to review and verify the deposit.

User support: In addition to a comprehensive user’s guide, a Member Business Development Officer will be happy to assist you any time with questions and provide technical support. Just call Business and Commercial Services at (907) 646-6670 in Anchorage, or (877) 646-6670 California, (760) 810-7449 or (888) 722-8293. Washington, (206) 239-3715 or (855) 869-9639. Arizona, (602) 338-5822 or (844) 563-0255.


Purchase One

PurchaseOne is an electronic payments and corporate purchasing card solution benefiting larger credit unions and businesses that allows organizations to gain efficiencies in the payments process while also earning revenue by simply paying the invoices already being paid today!

  • PurchaseOne is a Comprehensive suite of products
    • A/P Automation
    • Card Management: T&E, Purchasing, and AP
    • Allocation/Reporting
  • Role and permission based web hosted system
  • Cost Reduction and Minimizing Errors
    • Check processing
    • Hard dollar costs- check stock, postage, envelopes, etc.
    • Bank fees
    • Excludes duplicate payments
    • Lowers data entry errors
  • Preferred Vendor Relations
  • Intuitive user interface for speed and ease of use
  • PCI Compliant web hosted solution; no application implementation
  • Extremely configurable for specific business rules
  • Mitigate fraud through electronic virtual payments
  • Accounts Payable department becomes a revenue generator
UltraBranch Business Ed

Purchase One

Use UltraBranch® Business Edition online for more efficiency and control over your finances.

  • Do business faster. Log in from anywhere, any time. Point and click to take care of tasks that used to take hours.
  • Get it at a glance. Review your business financial picture with quick and easy reports. You can even make and save custom report templates.
  • Delegate the details. Maintain control while you share the work by giving other users access to the features they need.
  • Send funds fast. Make same-day wire transfers to accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Streamline your payroll. Use ACH services.
  • Make online tax payments, manage withholdings, and view reports.
  • Keep track of it all with comprehensive account management from just one log in.

What does it cost to use UltraBranch Business Edition?
There is no subscription fee to access UltraBranch Business Edition. There are some fees associated with certain features, such as ACH transfers, wires, and Bill Pay.

There are also fees for services provided by 3rd party providers, such as check orders.

Working Benefits

Attract and retain top employees with a benefits package that includes low-fee credit union accounts, and exclusive discounts on financial services.

Employees are an essential resource and providing competitive benefits helps you attract and retain the best.

Alaska USA provides you with an easy, effective way to give additional benefits to your employees, both now and in the future.

Qualifying for the Working Benefits program

In order to qualify, businesses must process direct deposit of employee payroll from their Alaska USA business checking account using UltraBranch® Business Edition’s online ACH payment tool.

Eligible employees must have an Alaska USA checking account into which they receive a direct deposit at least once a month from a qualifying employer.

  • Certificate rate increase of .15 on any new certificate account
  • Decrease of .15 on most new secured consumer loans


Cost – There is no cost for the Working Benefits program. However, there are low fees associated with processing payroll through Alaska USA UltraBranch Business Edition.

Employee eligibility – When an employee leaves your company, they are ineligible to take advantage of the Working Benefits program. However, any accounts or services already set up would remain open as long as that member desires. Employees who are relocating should be aware that Alaska USA membership can provide many benefits, even from afar.

Other Services

Business Visa Debit Card

An Alaska USA Business Visa® Debit Card gives you worldwide access to your business checking account. The card is a secure and convenient way to manage all of your business purchases.


  • Accepted at millions of hotels, restaurants, and retail locations worldwide.
  • Make online purchases for your business 24/7.
  • Transfer funds to and from business checking at designated ATMs.
  • Withdraw cash from any one of 55,000 surcharge-free Alaska USA or Allpoint ATMs worldwide.
  • Have recurring business payments deducted from your checking account.
  • Provide cards to multiple employees who are authorized signers on your account.
  • Keep track easily; all transactions are fully described on your monthly business checking account statement and on UltraBranch® Business Edition.
  • Enjoy zero liability if your card is lost or stolen. More secure than checks or cash!

Overdraft Protection

If you have ever overdrawn your checking account, you've experienced the embarrassment, inconvenience, and expense of bounced checks. You can protect yourself and your credit record by establishing overdraft protection on your Alaska USA checking account

You can designate either a savings or money market account or a credit line loan with the same account number as your checking account. Then, if you overdraw your checking account, the overdrawn amount will be transferred from the designated account.

Record keeping is easy because you receive a notice whenever overdraft protection has been activated.

Any overdraft transfer amount that is $5.00 or more will incur a $5 overdraft fee.

Transfers from a credit line loan will be rounded up to the nearest $100 amount that is sufficient to clear the overdrawn checking account balance There is no charge for the first three transfers per calendar month from a credit line loan; however, there is a $5 fee for each additional transfer.

Federal Regulation D limits the number of transfers from savings and money market accounts to no more than six (6) per calendar month. This includes preauthorized, automatic, or recurring transfers; transfers conducted via "telephonic" means such as UltraBranch, telephone, email, or fax; and overdraft protection transfers.

There is no limit to the number of overdraft transfers from a credit line loan.